Windows and Linux Software development services

Technologies and Scopes

Greenlabs develops applications that come out of the ordinary, such as communications systems for industrial equipment, interfaces between systems, machines and tools. We provide connectivity solutions with equipment in the field, developing technologies and protocols from scratch, documenting processes and their elements.


The Greenlabs development team has experience working with communication protocols for high-availability systems and mission-critical, as required in public and security services. We also have experience in management and integration of GIS technology in both desktop and web environments, both Windows and Linux platforms.


C, C++, VB, C# Coding
Linux Scripting
Secure Communications Management (Encryption)
Geolocation systems (GIS)
Agile methodologies (SCRUM)

Process Control

Organized since the birth of the first draft. That is the method we apply in Greenlabs to carry out the entire life cycle of your software, both during the development and in subsequent updates as necessary.