Greenlabs Technologies

What we do?

Greenlabs is an Argentine company, with specialized technical personnel with 20 years of experience in the telecommunications market.
With its engineering as strength, it develops all of its products and solutions locally, providing solutions tailored to the requirements and special settings according to the client’s requirement.

About us

Our company have a R&D department with 6 persons, who are specialized in several areas of the product development, like hardware, firmware, software and mobile applications.
We have a complete chain of manufacturing in house, that includes SMT pick and place machine, reflow oven, paste printer and 3d printer.


Reduced RTU for MV Substations Telemetry

Telemetry solution for small MV substations

Telecontrol Interface for MV Substations

Remote control and monitoring of MV substations and switching of cells

RTU for MV Substations Telemetry

Telemetry solution for aerial, level and underground medium voltage substations

DNP3.0 RS485 Power Plant Data Acquisition Module

Telemetry system for UPS systems and power plants

Ethernet/LTE Communicator for MV Substations

LTE connectivity for devices in MV Substations

DNP3.0 Software Gateway

Protocol converter for SCADA, DNP3.0, MODBUS, IEC-103

Xymos IoT Platform

Xymos is a platform for the internet of things that allows visualizing and controlling devices in the field, as well as managing the information coming from them to generate reports, manintenance notices, failures, among other options.

Its ability to integrate with third parties allows it to be linked to systems or devices regardless of the interface, showing the data obtained in a unified way.


Greenlabs have agreements with contract manufacturers located in Shenzhen and Taiwan.
We have capabilities to manufacture hundreds and thousand pieces and delivery the products around the globe directly of China, including electronic boards and complete products.

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