SCADA and Control Systems Consulting Services

The evolution of the technologies and the speed of the companies of today, demands to think the computer solutions so much for the present requirements, as to be able to evolve in the medium and long term.

A typical consulting service has the following stages:

  • Analysis of the need
  • Diagnosis of the current situation
  • Choice of products and infrastructures
  • Delivery of documentation of the survey as an ante-project. Specific solutions to specific problems

custom solutions for specific requirements

Electricity & Water

Optimization of investments to be made in the network. Implementation of SCADA systems. Implementation of GIS systems. Automation to optimize the extraction of water. Elcom90 & ICCP systems. Maintenance software (CMS).

Industrial Systems

Control & SCADA systems. Production control systems. ERP systems plant data integration systems. Wireless Solutios. Radio Interface Solutions.

Data Networks

Analysis of networks both physical and logical. Vulnerability scan. Computer security.