Electronics and Telecommunications

Greenlabs specializes in providing engineering services and complete development of electronic devices, based on process engineering in order to optimize the final result.We offer cutting-edge solutions to all our clients in the electronic market implementing WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, GPRS, Touch, Microcontrollers and MEMs among others.

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Xymos IoT Portal

Xymos is a telemanagement system for monitoring, controlling, measuring and managing sensors in various applications. Based on advanced technology, it was created to save energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, optimizing processes and reducing maintenance costs.

Each sensor can be integrated, controlled individually and acted on at any time.

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Telemetry and Telecontrol Products

GSM/GPRS Industrial Bridge

Low-cost wireless connectivity to manage remote devices, weather stations, SCADA systems, gaming machines. It can be fully programmed in Python.


Designed for mission-critical applications, suitable for operating in bad weather, our RTU efficiently links field equipment with SCADA systems using standard protocols.

Xymos IoT Portal

Process optimization, preventive maintenance, are just some of the advantages of having IoT solutions.